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Maica Gavrilia Asceta Iubirii Pdf Download

Maica Gavrilia Asceta Iubirii - A Book Review

Maica Gavrilia Asceta Iubirii (Mother Gavrilia, the Ascetic of Love) is a book that tells the life story of a remarkable Orthodox nun who dedicated her life to serving God and His people. The book is based on the personal notes and testimonies of Mother Gavrilia, as well as the accounts of those who knew her and witnessed her spiritual gifts. The book was originally published in Greek in 1999, and has been translated into several languages, including Romanian.

maica gavrilia asceta iubirii pdf download

The book covers the various stages of Mother Gavrilia's life, from her childhood in Constantinople, to her studies and work as a physiotherapist in Europe and America, to her missionary journeys in India, Africa, and the Holy Land, to her final years in a convent in Greece. Throughout her life, Mother Gavrilia followed the call of God wherever it led her, without fear or hesitation. She lived in poverty and simplicity, giving away everything she had to the poor and needy. She radiated love and joy to everyone she met, regardless of their religion, race, or status. She had a deep connection with God through prayer and obedience, and was blessed with many spiritual gifts, such as clairvoyance, healing, prophecy, and discernment.

The book is not only a biography, but also a spiritual guide for those who seek to follow Christ in their daily lives. Mother Gavrilia's words and examples inspire the reader to love God above all things, and to love one's neighbor as oneself. She teaches the importance of prayer, humility, forgiveness, gratitude, and trust in God's providence. She also shares her insights on various topics, such as suffering, death, joy, peace, and the meaning of life.

The book is available for free download from the Internet Archive, or can be purchased from various online or offline bookstores. It is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the life and teachings of Mother Gavrilia, or who wants to enrich their spiritual journey with the guidance of a holy elder.


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